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To apply for the Grant you must be above 18 years of age. These Grants are not a loan and you don’t need to pay back. Fill out your information and you can choose your preferred Grant type from the list below. You can only receive your payment through Direct Deposit or Debit Card. Your application will be approved based on your credit score. If your credit score is below 300, we will automatically reject your application. If your credit score is between 300 to 850 then you have a high percentage of getting approved. If your application is denied, our representatives are online to assist you or you can re-apply for a different Grant. We’ll update you via email as soon as we know if your Grant has been approved or not, and then we can proceed to funding.

As a reminder, the USGP Grants (United States Grant Programme) do not need to be repaid. An underwriter will contact you within 24 hours as soon as your application has been approved.

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